My Life Goals

My Personal Goals

  1. Attain Enlightenment
  2. Open a Yoga Resort in the Himalayas
  3. Start a non-profit educational foundation
  4. Break one bad habit

My Professional Goals

  1. Become a Life coach and mentor
  2. Become financial independent
  3. Write or translate 100 books
  4. Post a new book in every month
  5. Post a new book in Amarkosh, in every month
  6. Post a new blog in every week and tweet it
  7. Post a youtube video every week

My Professional Goals

  1. Earn 100 times of current income.

My Learning and Educational Goals

  1. Master Networking
  2. Become fluent in French
  3. Become fluent in Sanskrit
  4. Learn Pali
  5. Learn Latin 
  6. Diploma in Urdu
  7. Become fluent in Bengali
  8. Become fluent in Nepali
  9. Become fluent in Punjabi
  10. Become fluent in Arabic
  11. Become fluent in Persian
  12. Become fluent in Italian 
  13. Become fluent in Spanish 
  14. Become fluent in Tamil
  15. Become fluent in Thai
  16. Masters in Linguistics
  17. Masters in Sanskrit
  18. Masters in Philosophy

My Health and Fitness Goals

  1. Enjoy life more
  2. Drink 3 glass of water every morning
  3. Practice meditation daily
  4. Practice Tai chi daily
  5. Walk 10000 steps daily
  6. Attain ten day meditation camp
  7. Ten day on fruit diet
  8. Hiking every six months
  9. Annual family vacation
  10. Become a Reiki master

My Travel Goals

  1. Visit Manasarovar
  2. Visit Rio Carnival
  3. Visit seven wonders of worlds
  4. Sixty day world tour


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